Associate stories

See first hand how your donations have already made an impact.

Every day the Staples Share Fund team receives stories of tragedy and loss and how, thanks to your generosity, the Staples Share Fund has helped these associates through very difficult times. Below are just a few stories of fellow Staples associates and how your donations have already helped in more ways than you know — and hopefully never have to.

“I am proud to be a Staples associate and encourage others to contribute whatever they can afford to the fund because you never know when you may need their help some day.”

– Anonymous Employee

Help in Time of Need

Jose Gutierrez, General Manager of Store 1086 in Brownsville, TX, applied to the Staples Share Fund on behalf of one of his employees, Elsa Morales, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017.

“It’s tough finding out you’re sick and that it will be a life changer. One is not prepared for these things. I’ve gone through partial removal, chemo, and am now about to start radiation. I’ve been in and out of work as I am not feeling well but still need to continue working. It’s been tough as I have payments such as my mortgage, utilities to pay, and my kids to take care of. When I applied for the Share Fund I didn’t think much about it, so when I received a grant I was overwhelmed with emotion. I want to THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SHAREFUND DONATION!! IT REALLY, REALLY HELPS!! I GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!”

– Elsa Morales, Sales Associate, Store 1086

Elsa’s manager, Jose, shared his experience with the Share Fund and the impact it has had on his employees.

“I cannot say enough about how this program has helped. It not only helps relieve some personal stress and financial burdens, but it helps so much more in terms of emotional assistance. To have a company that backs up an associate, who is going through all of these emotions of uncertainty, really says a lot. I can recall seeing the disbelief in Elsa’s face when she received the check from Staples. That check helped her with her struggles to make ends meet and to pay her outstanding bills. But it also gave her hope and confidence. I’m really proud to be employed by a company that goes above and beyond for their associates.”

– Jose Gutierrez, GM Store 1086

Recovering from Storm Damage

Sales Associate James Penzavecchia from Pennsylvania applied to the Share Fund in May 2018 when a storm uprooted an Oak tree that fell on his home, causing significant damage. The Share Fund provided James with a grant to help him and his family recover from the storm.

“I greatly appreciate the grant the Share Fund has had the generosity to award me. It has been of significant help in getting the road back under my feet after the storm that damaged my home. I’m moving ahead now, in part, because of the thoughtfulness of all the Managers, General Manager, D.M.’s, and other hardworking Staples employees who, by donating to the Share Fund, act for the good of all of us, and each of us. But it’s not only the money that has helped me. It is heartening to know that there are still people who care about the welfare of others. It is a kindness I will not forget.”

– James Penzavecchia, Sales Associate, Store 1242

Battling Kidney Cancer

Carolyn Allen, Print & Marketing Supervisor at Staples’s Port Chester, New York store, has been a part of our Staples family since 1999. Carolyn applied to the Share Fund after her husband underwent surgery for kidney cancer in August. After his surgery and recovery, Carolyn and her husband struggled to make ends meet and they asked the Share Fund for help.

The Share Fund provided Carolyn with a grant in August to help her get back up to date on her monthly expenses, so she could spend more time worrying about the things that matter, her husband’s recovery.

“This year was very challenging for my husband and I. My husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer that had us taking time off from work for medical procedures. This left us behind & struggling to pay bills. When we thought we were alone with our struggle, the Staples Share Fund came through and helped us catch up with our bills. I would like to thank all the contributors and the Share Fund staff for making a very challenging situation a little bit easier.”

– Carolyn Allen, Print & Marketing Supervisor, Store 4

In Need of a Miracle

The Share Fund recently provided a grant to an Associate in need who wishes to remain anonymous. Read her story below:

“Recently I had a life–altering accident after working for Staples for a short period of time. I have been in excruciating pain for the last seven months. I only took a few days off of work and even came to work every day for 12 weeks in a full torso brace because I knew my team needed me and I needed them. I had been saving for a house, but my savings have been totally spent on bills. Then someone at work told me about the Staples Share Fund, and explained that it helps associates in need. They encouraged me to apply for a grant. I decided to give it a shot because I needed a miracle. Imagine my surprise when I received an email from the Staples Share Fund approving my application! I don’t know many companies or associates that help out their fellow associates like this. My experience has encouraged me to start contributing to the Staples Share Fund and tell others about it as well (many don’t know it is tax deductible). I am proud to be a Staples associate and encourage others to contribute whatever they can afford to the fund because you never know when you may need their help some day. It is personally rewarding to know that you are helping someone else in need.”